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Hi there! Let's talk sex a bit. Most of us think of sex as this activity when we feel so flippin' good if the person knows what they're doing. I can't lie, I've had my experience prior to marriage. No! I wasn't a whore lol! Now that I'm in my late 30's and a permanent student of Jesus, I now know why sex isn't just sex. I have an understanding of why it's so sacred. Did you know that not only did God create sex, but He also made it as a way to spiritually contract yourself to your spouse and worship Him in the process? There are a few reasons why sex is abused, misunderstood, and perceived improperly. I'll put it to you like this, we aren't taught appropriate sex language and behavior from the right sources. The source that should be teaching about sex, as long ago made it a TABOO topic, therefore we're not learning.

Our youth treat it like a recreational drug, and then in turn become addicted.

There is 38 percent of sexually active high school students in the US coming from 30 percent since 1991. That's a big deal. These kids don't even know what it's for, or that it's not called sex, it's called (knowing one another). The bible says Adam knew Eve and gave birth to Seth. It's time to learn about this widely misused/mistreated activity. It's time to bring back the sacredness of knowing one another. I've written a book based on the importance of waiting until marriage to be sexually intimate. It's not your average Christian-written book about sex. This book is to educate the youth about sex while bringing enjoyment to married couples. I hope you enjoy this writing as it was inspired by God.

Don't be misunderstood by the title or the captioning of this video. I wanted to find a way to bring a great book teaser to you for insight only.

So, sex is not just sex. Let's make an effort to learn the way God views the matter and treat it responsibly.

To purchase the book visit:https://dopebossmomempiremedia.blogspot.com/2021/04/sex-is-not-just-sex-midnights-desire.html

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