• Chisa Barrett

I Want to Be More Than A Mom!

I know there have been times you mamas have uttered those words, "I want to be more than a mom". It's hard for us until we find that thing that makes us glow with a kind of joy motherhood doesn't give. I have felt the crushing of incompleteness, I know the thoughts of loneliness and sadness. Oh sure I had my motherhood moments of joy, happiness, and gratitude, but something else was calling me.

I got the mommy thing down. Feed the kids, love the kids, bath the kids, clothe the kids, show them attention, play with them the whole thing. I can remember being at the grocery store looking for the items on my list and singing them a song to Dora when it was hot and Paw Patrol because it was Bella’s favorite show, and that is when I knew I was a super involved mother. Shortly after that moment of laughter because of course I’m in the store singing it and other adults are looking at me like, “really lady”! Yeah, I’m that kind of mom.⁣

I said to my husband one day in a very frustrated tone, “This can’t be it for me right?” He turned and said “honey! You have so many gifts and talents that it is impossible for you to just be a mom. He knew what I was saying. He leaned over and placed his kind hands on my cheeks and kissed my forehead. He said to me that my time was coming and to just have patience, but I wanted out. I adored motherhood, but I wanted something more than that. I wanted to feel important, ya know. I wanted a role I thought people would appreciate and acknowledge me for. I was clueless that I had the all-time most important job in the world.⁣

️8 years later and I’m operating in many of my gifts and talents. I can’t even tell you at what point it all changed. It seems sudden now, but I know all that time it was in the making. Through the hurt, pain, and tears it was coming together. It’s funny now that I am helping other moms with the same struggles I faced earlier on in my motherhood. God had a plan all along lol! Motherhood was the tool to God’s plan and the end result is this post. I’m smiling a million times a day now while running two businesses.⁣ I'll always experience the thrill of being a mom, but in addition to that, I am overjoyed with helping other moms find the thing that makes them glow and turn it into a business. I've learned that we moms are more so than less called into entrepreneurship and we don't even realize it. We have gifts, talents, and passions that could and probably should be turned into businesses. I take pride in the fact that God has called me out to be a Legacy Builder Coach to stay-at-home

moms. I encourage you to schedule a FREE consultation with me so we can find out how to help you glow!


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