• Chisa Barrett

Family, fun and days to come!

I love being a mom, it the most rewarding position to hold in the whole world. Oh, we no doubt get the grits that come with motherhood all year round, but it like it and find it not only rewarding but a pleasant challenge in the growth and maturity of me as a woman, mom, and friend. I didn't grow up with happy family life or close relationships with parents and siblings, neither did my husband, but one thing we made a pact on was raising our children with REAL love and allow them to have a voice, and be close and loving with one another. As I think about the holiday season approaching it makes me look at the structure of the family. Although once you marry your spouse's family becomes yours, there's a joy I get when I see that my family will be very large, well...it kinda already is. I have six kids lol!

I think that if each one of my kids has 3 kids I'm going to be a blessed Big Mama C! That's 18 grandkids. I'm already excited but in NO RUSH!! We are a family that enjoys spending quality time together. Every weekend we have a family movie and game night and its the absolute best. Now with fall here and Thanksgiving on the rise, I'm ever so grateful for all that I had to endure to create this beautiful family. I've always wanted to have a great connection with siblings, but God blessed me to create a family that is tightly knitted and I couldn't ask for anything more than that. My empire is the legacy that my children's children will inherit, Proverbs 13:22. My entire empire and everything that falls under it stands on Isaiah 1:19. I was obedient to bring this family out of my womb and willing to build the businesses Yahweh desires. I shall eat the good of the land.

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