• Chisa Barrett

5 ways moms can give themselves the attention they need.

As women, we spend countless hours taking care of everyone else while left feeling raggy and drained. Have you ever woke up one morning and thought to yourself, "I have nothing to give anyone?" I have way too many times. There have been many occasions I felt horrible for thinking of doing something for myself, let alone actually do it. It seemed like I would be committing a crime if I did. I'm sure all women don't feel this way, or never have, but what about those of us who have? Are we nuts for assuming if we took care of ourselves the world would fall apart or all hell would break loose? I'd like tho say the idea of it being the truth, well...it kinda is the truth. In the US today, 83 percent of moms are single parents. That's a whopping number. Out of that 83 percent, 80 percent of those single moms are employed. Think about the level of stress that the mom holds. While 83 percent of moms are single 17 percent are staying at home moms. When I think about the duties we all share as moms, I wonder are there some secret invisible batteries we operate off. Seriously! Who do the kids come to all the time even if the dad is around? Mom! Exactly! We need breaks. It may seem hard to do but I can help you with that.

*Get up an hour earlier to take some time to meditate

*Schedule time on your calendar for a self date even if it's in the home.

*Drive to a place where the scenery is nice and read a book

*Take a painting class or any class that relaxing and fun

*Take a ME-CATION!! You deserve it!

It doesn't have to be complex, you just have to commit to doing something for yourself no matter what. Remember mom, you are the one who everyone needs so keep yourself together mind, body, and soul.

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