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I'm Chisa

Digital Graphic Content Creator & Coach with

5+ Years of Professional Experience.

Starting a business can be challenging especially when you are a busy mom. As moms, we face an array of situations that seem to always delay our dreams. Well, as a mom of 6 I'd like to tell you it's as easy as pie, but the truth is, it isn't. To be honest, the hardest part is disciplining ourselves. It all starts with order, structure, and persistence. I have two, not one, but two fantastic worksheets that will help you get a start on your dreams to be an entrepreneur. I know how frustrating it can be in network marketing when you put your hopes into it, but see nothing is really working out for you. Can you imagine how much of your hard-working time goes into making someone else wealthy while your finances stay the same year after year? I have felt the crushing in my chest to love my kids but want more out of life. I want you to know it's okay to go after your dreams. Let me help you along the way. Download your worksheets below.

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Digital Content Creator & Coach

What People Say
About Coach Chisa

I learned so much from Chisa in her graphic content course. She is very knowledgeable of the apps and provided great feedback on my Instagram page and the best avenue to increase engagement.

As a student in your Business Builder 4 Instagram training, I am benefiting from your Instagram expertise by designing a social media strategy that I have desired. You are a wealth of knowledge and the expert that I needed!

Teri Riley, MD

Laverne Franklin-Jones

When Chisa showed up, I knew it wasn't a gimmick. God had answered my prayers. She is kind, honest, compassionate, strong, and overall patient. The best part about working with her is, she listens. Chisa has brought nothing but joy into my life, and I thank her for her positive impactful presence.

Bria Albert