Hats of Many Colors

Chisa Barrett is a mother of six and has been working as a certified Visionary Coach since 2019. She specializes in coaching & consulting those who are establishing themselves in the entrepreneurial arena. Chisa knows what it takes to raise a large family while fulfilling her entrepreneurial contribution to society.  In addition, Chisa Barrett is a Christian book author, romance novelist, beloved wife, proud mother, and the Founder of DOPE BOSSMOM EMPIRE, LLC & RED COVERT INK PUBLISHING, LLC whose compassion, dedication, and creativity have all earned her the reputation as a prolific writer.


In addition to embarking upon her writing journey as a child, she accepted Jesus Christ as her savior at the age of 16. Her unwavering faith along with her creative expression allowed her to heal from the abuse she endured growing up. Today, she empowers others to heal and uplift their souls through the power of insightful storytelling. Chisa also continually strives to share her devotion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible.

At the age of 32, Chisa began to explore graphics for book projects. Without any formal training, she created captivating book covers, flyers, brochures, and more. Chisa has created a Graphic Content course that teaches the most up-to-date techniques to easily build graphic content for social media use. With this new passion, she's helped countless entrepreneurs increase their engagement on various social media platforms. While she does not deem herself a graphic connoisseur, she takes pride in teaching others through her course.

Ready to get started on an entrepreneurial journey, or step your graphic content game up? 


Graphic Design:
•Branded social media templates

•Event flyers

•Social media cover designs

•Branding Kit

•Website (limited)

•Media Kit

•Journal & Planner templates

•Landing page


•Multi-Brand product design

•E-book covers

•Logo Design

•Business Cards & Stationary

•Custom QR Codes Design

•Product Packaging


Business Administration Entrepreneurship

Strayer University



Life Coach

Verify certification

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Raleigh, NC

What They're Saying

As a student in the Business Builder 4 Instagram training, I benefited from her Instagram expertise by designing a social media strategy that I have desired. She is a wealth of knowledge and the expert that I needed!

Laverne Franklin-Jones

I learned so much from Chisa in her graphic content course. She is very knowledgeable of the apps and provided great feedback on my Instagram page and the best avenue to increase engagement.

Teri Riley

When I met Dope BossMom I knew it wasn't a gimmick. She was the real deal. She knew exactly what I needed and what I was feeling. Working with her lead me back to my self-confidence, and from there I could see much clearer. I thank God for sending her into my life.

Bria Albert